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The Mystery Has Been Solved - Kim Wiese

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. My adolescent years were shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city life, with all its anguish and injustices. During my youth, most of my time was spent with odd jobs, with my daily paper route, and with friends. Even today, after many years, most of my friends still live near that farm community doing what their fathers did and their fathers' fathers. In high school I began to question things that I had been taught to take for granted. Outwardly, I was just another typical teenager, but inwardly I wanted answers to questions such as, "What is life for-- to get married, raise a family, and die?" "Is there a purpose for my existence?" "Am I just a conglomeration of chromosomes from the genetic pool?" I knew deep inside that the answers to questions like these couldn't be found in that small community; so at seventeen, I moved and started college, hoping this would answer these unsolved mysteries.

Eighteen months later, after three semesters of college, answers to these meaningful questions seemed beyond my grasp. I began to think I would go through life like everyone else around me, without knowing the reason for my existence. Due to the death of a close friend, more questions arose. I knew within that someone had to have answers, so my inward search continued. A short time later, a born-again Christian shared his experience of the Lord with me telling me that I could be born again. This was the first time in my nineteen years of life that I had ever heard such words: "Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and to come into you, and He will come and live in you." I thought this sounded too unbelievable. God had always been a mystery to me. He couldn't be the answer to my questions, could He? This person's gospel preaching bothered me inside for weeks; eventually in desperation, I called out to the Lord.

The next year was filled with many experiences: getting to know many born-again Christians, but also attending many parties and activities with other college friends. Eventually, after reading the Bible and having much fellowship with the Lord, the Lord drew me to give myself wholly to Him. I still remember the night I fully yielded myself to the Lord. That time of intimate fellowship with Him will never be forgotten. For the first time my life had meaning, and I knew the reason for my existence--the Lord Jesus Christ. But to my dismay, I lacked the practical way to work out this newly consecrated life. By the Lord's mercy, however, a short time later He revealed to me yet another mystery. I had already discovered the mystery of God, Christ (Col. 2:2). Now the Lord revealed to me that Christ had a mystery, the church (Eph. 5:32).

Less than six months after surrendering myself completely to the Lord, He brought me to His church-"the church which is His body, the fullness of Him that fills all in all" (Eph. 1:23). Here, in the church, I am with many others who have also had their questions answered. Here, in the church, I enjoy the portion of all the brothers and sisters who have also wholly given themselves unto the Lord. My seeking and searching is now over (Matt. 7:8); the mystery has been solved. The answer: Christ and the church.


The Church in Oklahoma City The Church in Oklahoma City