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My Salvation - Melissa Kennedy

This is a brief testimony of how I was saved. Between the ages of fifteen and seventeen my life consisted of friends, heavy metal music, and rock concerts. I was a young person trying to find happiness in the world, but I ended up being depressed. I was very emotional and even a few times the thought of taking my life occurred. I was a real mess.

When I was seventeen my mother persuaded me to get a job, which I did not want to do, but did. This was a turning point in my life. At my job I met someone who shared with me about Jesus living inside of me and being my true life supply. The question, "Are you saved?" came up quite often. I did not have a clue as to what he was talking about. One day, I was quite curious as to what he meant. I said I didn't understand but I wanted to. That evening, I prayed as he prayed and called on the name of Jesus, asking God into my heart. From then on my life changed. God became so real to me. I was no longer in my unhappy state, but I touched Christ as life. Shortly after that I was baptized. A Christian brother shared some wonderful words to me that I will never forget. He drew an imaginary line on the ground and told me that on one side was the kingdom of Satan and on the other was the kingdom of God. He said that I had stepped one foot over, which was my believing in the Lord Jesus, but that I needed to put my other foot over to be fully in the kingdom of God, which was accomplished through baptism (John 3:5). Here again, the Lord gained more of my being.

This all took place during a period of eight months in which I was saved, baptized, and married to the person who brought me to the Lord. Shortly after we were married, we moved to Moscow, Idaho where we began to meet with the church in Pullman, Washington (a town about 7 miles from Moscow). This is where I saw that without other believers, I had no way to go on in my Christian life. I needed the local church as the place where I could gain Christ and have Him added more and more into my being. Since that time I have continued to experience Christ daily in a practical way by meeting with other believers here in the church in Oklahoma City, by calling on His name, by reading and pray-reading His Word, and by speaking Christ to others (Romans 10:13; Ephesians 6:17-18; 1 Corinthians 14:31).

I am now a happily married wife and mother of four children. I have grown much in the Lord. The Lord has truly blessed me in many ways. Whereas before I was an emotional wreck, deeply involved with worldly things, now I am a loving seeker of Jesus Christ.


The Church in Oklahoma City The Church in Oklahoma City